Some older art of Sakura and Keroberos.

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she will always keep the ones she loves close

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Blouses for Fairy Marine arrived this morning!

I like to think the top coord is Sailor Moon/every other 80s and 90s female anime character inspired.

The bottom coord is what I had planned before getting distracted putting together the one at the top. 

I left the sash off, unless I experience some rapid chest shrinkage I won’t be wearing it :)

Both of the blouses are really cute, I feel like they will work best tucked in though; they are fully shirred at the back and have no ties or anything to stop them looking like a sack if you don’t tuck them in. 

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파스텔 베이스볼 자켓

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Twitter / ikarimanatu: 女の子です http://t.co/qI51PtnzjP

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me while making cosplay

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